Wednesday, April 6, 2011

26 soundtracks: Wristcutters A Love Story

26 Soundtracks: Wrist cutters: OST

The Film Wrist Cutters was one of my discoveries of last year. Ostensibly it’s the tale of a boy who has lost his girl and kills himself to find her. He ends up in a limbo where he finds himself along side others who have taken their own lives. It’s a drab world where things are low rent, falling apart and there is a black hole beneath the seat of his car that eats anything that happens to get dropped under it.

The music in the film is of note because aside from Gogol Bordello and one Bobby Johnston (a name that freaks me out as I was once deeply smitten with a woman named Reberta “Bobbi” Johnston) each of the artists on the soundtrack ended their lives on one way or another via suicide. The soundtrack features classics by; Joy Division ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, Screamin Lord Sutch ‘She's Fallin in Love with a Monster Man’ and Del Shannon ‘Cry Myself to Sleep’. The film contained more artists like Joe Meek and Christian Death who do not appear on the soundtrack. Over all I am torn about the disc, on the one hand there are some classic tracks, on the other the fact that so much of the score and the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello (who I am really not a huge fan of) in place of some of the odd ball tracks of artists who killed themselves weighs it all down. Over all it is worth checking out.

Track List

Miracles - Bobby Johnston

Through the Roof 'N' Underground - Gogol Bordello

Even Worse Place, An - Bobby Johnston

Are You Sorry Now? - Bobby Johnston

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

Ex-Girlfriend from an Ex-Life, An - Bobby Johnston

One Good Reason for Living - Bobby Johnston

Occurrence on the Border (Hopping on a Pogo-Gypsy Stick) - Gogol Bordello

Love Song - Mikal Portnoi Lazarev

We're All Immigrants - Bobby Johnston

Cry Myself to Sleep - Del Shannon

Zia and Mikal - Bobby Johnston

Beach, The - Bobby Johnston

Huliganjetta - Gogol Bordello

He Feels So Close - Bobby Johnston

You Remember What It's Like - Bobby Johnston

She's Fallin in Love with a Monster Man - Screaming Lord Sutch

Kneller and the Happy Campers - Bobby Johnston

Parents, Prisoners and the Pic - Bobby Johnston

Gloomy Sunday - Artie Shaw

You Look Exactly the Same - Bobby Johnston

Everything Reminded Me of You - Bobby Johnston

Brennan's Theme - Mushman

People in High Places - Bobby Johnston

Song for You, A - Gram Parsons

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