Thursday, April 21, 2011

26 soundtracks: No Small Affair

The film No Small Affair stars Jon Cryer as a teen photographer who is oblivious to the girl at school who can’t keep her eyes off him and instead finds his heart captured by an older singer played by a young Demi Moore. The film really is a fun Rom Com with a real heart that is worth checking out for those looking for another dose of 80s pop culture.

With a singer as a lead character in the film there is plenty of music for a soundtrack and No Small Affair delivers. Starting with several new wave pop ballads sung by Fiona, a couple of Twisted Sister songs and then some other odds and ends.

The soundtrack is a treat for those looking for the nostalgia of their youth, but who have seemingly exhausted the better know sources. I have to admit that I was a little shocked at how well this soundtrack holds up. In an era where over production ruined so much music, some how this collection of songs are produced in a way that works for each one. I can recommend this soundtrack for anyone who was a fan of the era.

01. Fiona - Love Makes You Blind (Love theme)-movie version

02. Chrissy Faith - Itchin' For A Fight

03. Chrissy Faith - Hot Headed

04. Chrissy Faith - My Funny Valentine

05. Rupert Holmes - No Small Affair

06. Twisted Sister - I'll Never Grow Up

07. Zebra - Hard Living Without You

08. Paul Delph - Only One Thing

09. Twisted Sister - Shoot 'Em Down

10. Malcolm McLaren and The McLarenettes - Eiffel Tower

11. Twisted Sister - I'll Never Grow Up (Live)

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