Monday, November 2, 2009

Reading list-- Oct 2009

Reading list-- Oct 2009

The Sucker by
Orrie Hitt
50's/60s paperback stuff. This one about a heel who gets Suckered while making a play for a wad of cash

Darling, It's Death by Richard S
Tarot Card Book Mark: The Divine Child
Shell Scott in Mexico. Fun, lightweight time killer

Anarchaos by Donald E Westlake
Tarot Card Book Mark: The Snake
Donald Westlake Book for the Month!
Westlake goes Sci Fi. A guy much like Parker heads out to find out what happened to his brother. If you like the Stark books this one might do it for you.

Honey in his Mouth by Lester Dent
Tarot Card Book Mark: The Monkey
Hard Case Crime Book of the Month
Lester Dent created and wrote Doc Savage back in the pulp era. This is not a Doc Savage book, but the story of a small time con man who ends up in over his head. It starts off with one of the best car chase scenes I have ever read, and has a nice and twisted ending.

Shoedog by George Pelaconos
Tarot Card Book Mark:Blue
2009 Will Read List book!
Solid Pelaconos-- Drifter finds himself in the middle of a heist job and at the end of the line. Lots of details about music, clothes, cars and booze, and the lives of those who have fallen off the path. This one might be my favorite of his books, at least it is up there with King Suckerman.

The Red Hot Typewriter: The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald by Hugh Merrill
Tarot Card Book Mark:The Anima
A biography of John D. Very readable and gave me some insight to who and what he was. I am looking forward to reading at least one of his books each month during 2010

Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border by Robert Fate
Tarot Card Book Mark: The Balloon
If you are not reading the Baby Shark series and a fan of Hard Boiled crime, get in your car drive to the store (or the library) and pick up at least the first in the series. This 4th installment was a perfect driving novel with a great 1950s Texas feel. I always think of Baby Shark as being Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights, she'd be perfect for a Baby Shark film.

November 2009: I'm declaring November Short Story Month. I have all kinds of collections and anthologies kicking around and so I will mainly dipping into that well for my fix during Nov.

Note: Tarot Card Book Marks? I have a really lame deck of Tarot cards that I pulled off a free cart at the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library sale a couple of months back, and I started using them as book marks for giggles mostly. I just pull a card at random from the deck, make note of it, and when I am done it goes in the discard pile. Sometimes the card ends up to have a relation to the book in questions, sometimes not.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Some nice reading there.

Iren said...

Thank you, anything you are interested in checking out? anything you've read?