Monday, October 26, 2009

Night of the --- 3 DVDs for your Scar...

Night of the --- 3 DVDs for your Scary Holiday

I am happy to say that 3 of the top 3 films that I most wanted on DVD are now available. All 3 are fun, sometimes scary, Sci Fi/ horror filcks from the 1980s-- ok the most recent one came out in 1990, but that's close enough.

Night of the Comet (1984)
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The earth passes through the tail of a comet turning most of the world population into dust. Everyone else is either turning into a Zombie due to an exposure or fine (because they were in a sealed environment). Our two survivors, a pair of valley girl sister, go shopping of course. The film is pure 80s B flick fun, valley girls with Mac 10's, no so smart scientists, Killer Stock boys and a truck driving Cowboy. It's pretty medium on the gore and scare level with a few nice moment so each. Over all well worth spending an evening or afternoon with. 

Night of the Creeps (1986)
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I didn't want to watch this action, horror, comedy flick the first time around. Now it is one of my favorite films of all times. It's got it all, space slugs, a 50s style police detective who's more hard boiled and Spade, Marlowe, or even Parker. It is a bit dated (as is Night of the Comet) but that never detracts from the fact that it is fun, quotable, and perfect for a party.

Hardware (1990)
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I remember seeing this one in the theater by myself. There wasn't another soul in the room and I watched as a man made monster crawled across a landscape of destruction to Kill. It has the look of a rundown Blade Runner  with the monster loose in the house plot of Alien (not to mention The Old Dark House)  Of the three this is the best, scariest and in some ways it is the funniest.

Thoughts, Comments, DVD Recommendations?

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