Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is October again, and I was thinki...

It is October again, and I was thinking back a couple of years when I used to have a October writing project over on my mog com page. Mog is a music blogging site that I participated in for three years before calling it quits. I realize that a lot of the people that read this blog didn't get to see those posts, and some of you might be interested in looking at some of them.

The story is that I was on the train from Stockholm to Uddevalla in September of 2006. I was new to mog and wanted to do something in the coming month to celebrate my favorite month and one of my favorite types of music, Horror Punk.

anyway, below is a set of links to my entries from that month.
thought's, comments, zombie fighting tips?


Cullen Gallagher said...

Some great bands there - many that I am not as familiar with as I should. The Damned, in particular. Is the Live Anthology a good place to start? Or do you have other suggestions?

Iren said...

The Damned are kind of a tricky band to get into as they have had so many incarnations and sounds over the years. The best place to start is really with either their first album Damned Damned Damned or their third album Machine Gun etiquette. As far as a solid best of record the one that called simply The Best of the Damned is hard to beat, that I think came out on roadrunner records. I would shy away from the live albums to start with, as the sound quality isn't always the best.