Saturday, May 9, 2009

Roller Derby- The Devils Night Dames v The Detriot Pistoffs.

The battle for third place!
After missing the last bout due to auto troubles I did make it out to the Detroit Roller Derby tonight to watch The Devil's Night Dames battle it out with the Pistoffs. Now last year it was these two teams battling it out for first and second place, this time around it was for third and fourth place. The Bout started off with both teams cautious, both scoring a couple of point and then calling off the jam before the other team had a chance to make any head way. This disciplined approach to the game kept the score low and with in a couple of points of each other for the first half and into the start of the second half. The explosion of points started when the Dames managed to get out ahead by 15 or so points, only to have the pistoffs answer with three jams with where they launched out ahead with 14 and 13 point jams. I didn't write down the finally score, but the Pistoffs managed to blast the dames off the tracks with a win that was 40 or so points ahead.

A couple of the highlights for me were:  Cookie Rumbles taunting and teasing Muffy Masioso, Watching newbie Yo-Yo make show her stuff-- she seems agile and quick, and of course watching Whiskey Soured Jam (reportedly only for the second time). It was a great and hard fought match, one of the most exciting bouts that I have attended this season. Good job to all of the skaters and all of the folks that run and manage the Derby.
One other thing that I have to say is that the music that was played for introductions and during the match and half time was the best I have heard yet. There was Sonic Reducer, Iron Man, Search and Destroy (a cover with female vocals), The Ramones, and I think I even heard the MC5 in the mix somewhere. What all of these bands have in common is the Hi Energy drive that add to the excitement and feel of a fast and furious sport like Roller Derby. Now if only we can get some: Radio Birdman, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Ultra Bimboos and Electric Frankenstein in the mix... and of course someone had to get The Jet Black Berries song Go Devils out for the Dames.
Next Bout: May 30th- The Championship with The D-Funk All Stars v The Pistolwippers.  Who am I cheering for? The Pistolwippers of course!

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