Friday, May 1, 2009

4/2009 Playlist

In 2006 I started keeping monthly playlists in my iTunes where I added songs that had caught my attention that month. When the month is over, I file the old list, start a new one. I joined ( in June of 2006 and started writing a summary and/or commentary for each track, sometimes posting a related video as well. As time passed Mog started to wane, and I decided to branch out my posting of the list. At first I added it to my multiply page, my gather page, my Myspace page, but all of that got to be too much, so from here on out I will only post this list on my mog page and my blog ( If you visit my Mog page on the right hand side there is a widget that links to all the past entries, if you want to go back and check them out. Thanks to everyone who has been reading along and feel free to post comments, questions or what ever in the comments section. Enjoy Eric Reanimator.

Gloom Doom Buttercups by Kittens Ablaze
Another bands that I disovered via the SXSW 09 Mix Tape. Looking a pictures of the band you would think they were going to be some kind of neo-Rockabilly group, but they are more of a indie power pop act. I liked both the name of the band and the title of the song of course. I think they are going to be more of a summer listening type of group than a dead of winter act.

Kiss Me Deadly by Generation X
Q: what band was Billy Idol in before going solo?
A: Gen X
Q: What kind of band were they?
A: Poppy Punk, maybe a little harder than the Ramones, but not is hard as The Damned
Q: Kiss Me Deadly?
A: Any song that starts off with the lyric -- The greyhound's rocking out tonight To maximum rockabilly -- is worth listening to at least once.

Oh Bondage Up Yours! & The Day The World Turned Day-Glo by X-Ray Spex
And speaking of old school UK Punk.... The X-Ray Specs, with the wailing vocals of front woman Polly Styrene and the yakkety Sax got under my skin this past month. Now I know that a lot of people still think of punk as inaccessible noise, but The X-Ray Specs were very pop and accessible and still sound great and not the least bit dated.

I think this will be the last of the SXSW 09 tracks to appear on one of these monthly playlists (and watch me eat those words)--- however I really liked this Soundtrack Of Our Lives sounding tune, with a lighter and poppier touch. This tune was stuck in my brain for weeks on end, and if found myself thinking of it and trying to remember the name of the band.

Thoughts, comments, spare change?


Paul Brazill said...

I used to love x ray spex. I saw Gen X live once and thought they were okay. Don't know the other stuff, though.

Iren said...

Paul: Yeah that X Ray Specs stuff really holds up, I don't know about live, but I think the studio stuff from Gen X holds up really well--- not only well, for me it really is not dated sounding either (unlike what was on the top of the charts when it was recorded) --- what are you listening to these days?

Paul Brazill said...

I almost never listen to music now. I haven't really since the mid '90's. Haven't bought a CD by a 'new' artist for about ten years! I used to be in a few bands and I think I brurnt-out!