Friday, February 17, 2012

FFBL The Dancing Aztec’s by Donald Westlake

 The Dancing Aztec’s by Donald Westlake

I wrote previously about Westlakes Dancing Aztec’s here… but on this eve of the release of what by all accounts is his last unpublished work I think it’s worth revisiting. Set in late 70s NYC, the Dancing Aztec tells the tale of the theft and re-theft of a statue called…. Yep the Dancing Aztec. It’s a disco era farce where people get caught up in the story of the statue and who has it.

I read the Dancing Aztec because one of my high school English teachers recommend it when I posted about Westlake on facebook a couple of years back. She was an important teacher to me, because she could seemed understand me better than the other teachers. I recall running into her own day at Borders books (the original one on State Street in Ann Arbor) in the mystery section when I was still in high school. I seem to recall she had a short conversation about Robert Parker’s Senser books.  I hope that she’s going to get a chance to read this last Westlake and enjoy it… and sometime soon I hope to make my way back to the Dancing Aztec.

James Reasoner also covered it for a FFB HERE

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