Friday, January 6, 2012

FFB rewind: Murder Among Children by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake)

In the past I did a couple of FFB entries that were inspired by others entries. I read some of the recommended books and gave them my own review. I only managed to write two of those, but I want to make sure that in 2012 I spend more time writing fiction and less blogging… to that end I plan to high light the FFBs post that others have written. I am going to try and keep them short and sweet and to the point…. And our first second look is…..

Murder Among Children by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake) covered by Ed Gorman

I had already read the first of the Westlake Tucker Coe books when Ed covered the second one, Murder Among Children, which prompted me to check out the book for myself. I liked it a lot and especially think that there is a cultural element to the book that has only deepened as time has passed. As a member of the silent generation Westlake explores the generational conflict between the silents and the boomers.

Ed’s review here and my follow up here

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