Thursday, September 8, 2011

26 Soundtracks: Escape from LA

            Released in 1996, Escape from LA along with films like the Crow and Demon Knight (both of which have soundtracks that I am going to cover in the next couple of months) had notable hardrock / Alternative Rock soundtracks.  Most of the songs were just sort of there, the only one of these that I think really has stayed with me is the White Zombie track The One…. Oh and the Clutch song, Escape From The Prison Planet, is one of their best.

I think it’s interesting to note the amount of music that was on the pop industrial side, Stabbing Westward, White Zombie, Tool and Gravity Kills all were mixing rock, pop and industrial sounds. Ministry of course is one of the pillars that Industrial was built on. For those who don’t know, industrial is a form of hard rock that includes sounds made by machines. Sometimes it’s revving motors, or gridding gears, or even the sound of clanking metal. The lyrics often deal with dark themes.

Anyway, Escape from LA is a relic of an era and honestly I am not sure why I still own my copy. I think that for now I am going to hold on to it, and maybe even give it a couple of new spins.

1.              "Dawn" – Stabbing Westward
2.              "Sweat" – Tool
3.              "The One" – White Zombie
4.              "Cut Me Out" – Toadies
5.              "Pottery" – Butthole Surfers
6.              "10 Seconds Down" – Sugar Ray
7.              "Blame (L.A) Remix" - Gravity Kills
8.              "Professional Widow" – Tori Amos
9.              "Paisley" – Ministry
10.           "Fire In The Hole" – Orange 9mm
11.           "Escape From The Prison Planet" – Clutch
12.           "Et Tu Brute?" – CIV
13.           "Foot On The Gas" – Sexpod
14.           "Can't Even Breathe" - Deftones

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