Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Forgotten Book: Dutch Uncle by Peter Pavia

yeah, it’s been a while, almost a whole month since my last post and I don’t know how long since my last Friday Forgotten book--- but I am back with a new entry, my Hard Case Crime book for this month, Dutch Uncle by Peter Pavia from 2005.

From the Hard Case Crime Website

Three days out of prison and trying to stay clean, Harry Healy doesn’t really want to get involved with Manfred Pfiser’s drug deals. But he needs the cash—so he agrees to make one simple delivery.
Simple, that is, till Harry stumbles across the results of a robbery cooked up by an old cellmate of his, together with a former high school baseball star, a trigger-happy sociopath, and a beach bunny who can’t seem to keep her clothing on.
Now they’re all on the run—from the cops, from the drug lords, and from each other...

What I really liked about this book was two things, the dispersed nature of the narrative. We followed not only Harry, but the Cops and the other people involved in the murder through their stories. It was like three short stories that all interconnected and gave a more complete view of the crime, what lead up to the crime and how it affected those involved. In that way it was more than just a simple caper story.

I also liked the flow, Pavia never got bogged down with extraneous junk, he kept the story rolling along, but gave us enough of the characters inner lives to fill them out just enough. I haven’t read any of Pavia’s other work, but he is a author who I will be on the look out for.

I plan to be back next week for a new thing that I am trying out, a FFB Echo review, where I am going to write about a book that I picked up because of someone else’s FFB.

thoughts, comments, spare change-- forget the change, use it to pick up some Hard Case Crime or Stark House books.

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