Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Forgotten book: Detroit PD series by Tom Logan

Friday Forgotten book: Detroit PD series by Tom Logan

Back when I was in High School, I would get my lunch money for the week on monday and at lunch I would make my pilgimarage to a local book shop known as Community News Center-- 5 blocks from school. I would look at the Gun magazines and then head over to the new releases section to see what caught my eye. I discovered a lot of great writers this way: Robert Parker and Tony Hillerman to name two. I would look over the mystery section and then head to the Sci Fi section. One week I spotted the first book in the short lived series Detroit PD.

Detroit is just down the road from me, and we watched the 11 O'clock news on Detroit's Channel 4 WDIV almost every night. The gang and crack problems were often the head lines, and to be honest the Detroit PD didn't really have the greatest rep in the world.

I recall reading all of the books in the series, and liking them enough to keep picking up the next one. They dealt with the lives of a cast of DPD officers, the job and their lives. It's strange that the only scene I really recall from any of them is one of the officers going to a shopping center on his day off. I don't recall what he did, or why, only that he went.

I poked around the web a little and found very little on the author or the series. I did manage to scare up the cover for book 4 (which I think was the last), but little else. I am not sure why the series didn't take as I recall them being somewhat like the McBain 87th Precinct books. Of course my copies have long since passed on, I think in the purge of 2002.

Anyway, Thoughts, Comments, any information on these books?


pattinase (abbott) said...

Never heard of these. You do come up with unusual selections.

Iren said...

I try. This one was a little on the fly, and I wish I recalled more info, but maybe someone else knows something about these books.

Evan Lewis said...

Nice cover. Looks more like a comic book than a pb.

Anonymous said...

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