Thursday, February 25, 2010

FFB: The Zoot Marlowe

FFB: The Zoot Marlowe books by Mel Giden

let's pause to just look at the books covers for just a moment:

I recall reading these book, all featuring alien detective Zoot Marlowe, but honestly I couldn't tell you what happened in any of them-- luckly for me, and you we now have the internet to help with that information.

Surfing Samurai Robots

from Fantastic Fiction

He called himself Zoot Marlowe, said he'd just blown in from Bay City. But even the wacked out surfer dudes could tell that the four-foot detective with the giant schnoz was from somewhere out of their world. Still, he could throw a mean Frisbee and he said he was a private eye, and when someone decided to smash and trash all the surfing robots in Malibu just days before the biggest surfing contest of the year, Zoot was the only being around willing to track the 'bot-beaters down. But Zoot didn't know just how widespread a conspiracy he was about to run up against. For this first case of his Earthly career would see him taking on everything from the Malibu cops to Samurai robots; motorcycle madmen to talking gorillas; and a misplaced mistress of genetic manipulation!

My inability to recall all the details should not be taken as a slight, in fact the reason that I read all three of the Zoot Marlowe books was that I plain enjoyed the time I spent with Zoot. Having purged them from my collection in 2002, I don't have the books handy to flip through so I throw open the floor to anyone who has read them.

Thoughts, comments, ect?


pattinase (abbott) said...

Not read nor heard of. So many books, aren't there?

George said...

These sound wonderful! More books to track down!

Todd Mason said...

I would rate Mel Gilden just a notch below Ron Goulart, who is a fine person to come in second to. Haven't read these, but have always enjoyed the Gilden I have read.

wv: undull Indeed.

Juri said...

I think Gilden wrote Beverly Hills 90210 novelizations, didn't he? I guess we have to make a living... I'd write them gladly now. :(