Thursday, January 21, 2010

FF Music: Patricia Vonne

I first heard Patricia Vonne on the Roots Rock Radio Podcast a couple of years back. The track Rebel Bride, a blistering Tex Mex Hard Rock tune, was played on the show and I just had to hear more. Her album Guitars and Castanets turned out to be one of the better finds of the last decade for me. It's filled with Latin tinged roots rock. She has a natural and dramatic voice that carries both the harder rock numbers and the softer ballads. Texas, her home state, oozes from not only the lyrics but the music it's self. I have checked out her other albums, and they seem to be lacking a focus, an energy and a vibe that Guitars and Castanets carries. I still have hopes that she will produce another album as good as Guitars and Castanets and it's been a while since her third album Firebird came out and I hope that she has something new in the works.

From Wiki
Patricia Vonne is an American singer and actress.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Vonne moved to New York City in 1990-2001 pursuing her artistic ambitions. She worked extensively in Europe and America and was featured in national / international commercials, and film work. Formed her own musical band, performed the NY circuit from 98-2001 before relocating to her native Texas where she currently tours extensively in US, Mexico and Europe.

Toured as a member of Tito & Tarantula in 2002 (band featured in the film "From Dusk Till Dawn"). Her song, "Traeme Paz", was featured in the film "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". Vonne's song "Mudpies and Gasoline" is featured in Quentin Tarantino's film "Hellride" starring Dennis Hopper.

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