Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Word that Start with H

House Keeping--- or more to the point house moving, which is what I am in the middle of currently. I am moving to a new place, my own apartment, and haven't sorted my Internet connection yet. I am able to check e-mail and do some on-line tasks at work, but my ability to take the time to write semi well thought out and composed blog posts is going to be limited for a while. For that reason I am announcing that I am taking a little, what's the word: Hibiscus? Hit or Miss? Hiatus, that's the one.

In other news, The Ann Arbor News, my home town bird cage liner is closing it's doors today with it's last edition. I can't say that I have been all that enamored with the paper and it's political bent in the last couple of years. I've watched it get thinner and thinner, I've seen as it had followed the trends of the media industry and given less and less space to local stories that are not crime and politics. Living in a town where there is one political party runs the whole show, and the paper is on their side I really don't know that they were doing their job of holding a light on our local government, school board and the university when they made policy that should have been questioned.

That said, there were several moments in my life time where my family was featured in the paper (all in positive lights).
Maybe the most memorable was several years ago there was story on the number of record shops in downtown Ann Arbor-- and the photo accompanying the story was of my sister looking at CDs in one of the used shops. She had tagged along with my brother and I and ended up in the photo. I always thought it was funny that she ended up in the photo, as she is a casual music fan and my brother and I are the Rockfiends. My grandfather, one of the most Conservative men I have ever known, was quoted in the paper when my sister graduated from Community High School. He said that he thought it was great that all of the grads got a chance to speak during the ceremony. Lastly there was the article about my mother and the new letter she published in the 80s for single Christan women, that was distributed around the city. I think it was all the time that she spent on that news letter along with the Church newsletter that influenced my brother start his own zine and the two of us to start out own record label in the late 90s. Like a lot of young people over the years I was also and Ann Arbor New Carrier, back in the bad old days when kids did those jobs. I made a little money, once and a while.

Anyway, later days.

P.S. If you are looking for a Friday forgotten book, I suggest this week, not a book, but about movie about a pulp writer. Le Magnifique which I think I have written about before, it is fun and has an energy to it, and well worth checking out. You can get it from netflix.
From Wiki:
Synopsis: Fran├žois Merlin (Belmondo) is a Jean Bruce type writer of pulp espionage novels, and about half of the film plays in his imagination, where he is the world-renowned superspy Bob "Sinclare" (The name of the character is never seen written in the movie, while some people write his name "Saint-Clair" the way it is pronounced in French sounds like Sinclar.) Christine (Jacqueline Bisset) is a sociology student who is interested in the novels, but in the writer's imagination, she is Tatiana, his paramour. Her clear fascination with Bob St Clair, an irrealistic and idealized hero, begins to bother Marlin, who in real life is the very opposite of his creation: a clumsy, frustrated man who barely makes enough money to get by. As a result Marlin begins to sabotage his own hero.

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Rick said...

Glad to have found your blog. Nice to know I've found a good writing and reading site from someone in Michigan! I'll be back to read more of your posts, but right now we're on our way to the bookstore doing what responsible citizens should be doing- buying books.