Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Fail.... or user error?

The Moon is brighter than the sun, I burn in the moonlight, and the double shadow of the Hank Williams look-a-like in a nuns habit. It's too much rain to talk about the world and it's failure, a smashed car, a missed event, unused Roller Derby tickets..... how did I greet our risen lord, you ask? how in deed. We chatted, he asked me about what I was missing, I told him what ever I get is what I get.

I was out of beer, and he had to leave, too many eggs to pass out to the unknown children of a desert tribe. Twinkies in spandex and butternut cream. Down on the street my mind was melting, as I watched him go.

The tempo on a see saw, a D & D poetry slam staple, should I even post this?  

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