Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9/2008 Playlist

Each month, since Feb of 2006, I start a playlist in my iTunes of the tunes that catch my ear that month. I started off writing a post to my Mog page with a short review or comments of each track, not only to keep a running diary for myself, but also to hopefully point others toward these tunes. In the last several months I have started to cross post this information on other sites where I keep blogs. (If you are reading this somewhere besides Mog, you can find all the old ones at www.mog.com/iren)  I want to apologies for any weird formatting stuff right here and now, I type this in MS word and then post it on these various message places, some of which have…w ell formatting issues….

Anyway for this month here is what caught my ear…


Kill The Poor by Dead Kennedys

No links, no nonsense… just pure impact… this one is for you The US government, and the legacy of the last two presidents…  700 Billion Dollars.. it’s almost like Dr. Evil is on the horn, or maybe Dr. Strangelove, maybe I should have busted out the R.E.M. End of the World as well this month… also see Holiday in Cambodia.


Academy Fight Song by Mission Of Burma


I have to admit that I haven’t ever been as big a fan of the so called Post-punk sound as others, but there is something about this tune, it’s got a bit of ringing, a bit of a shine, and of course the Military marching feel to it.

She Goes Out With Everybody by The Spongetones  


Speaking of ringing chimy stuff, you can’t get much better than the power pop shimmy of this tune. It’s just a great rousing pop blast that’s worth repeating over and over… ok not over and over, but enough times to make one of my monthly play lists. This tune is from the Children of Nuggets box set, which covers the 80s for the most part

Ominous Presence (Live) by New Math


and as long and we are talking about stuff I dig from the 80’s here is a great live tune by my secret forgotten band New Math. This mostly made the list because New Math bass player Gary Trainer called to tell me they were going to do a reunion gig in November, and wanted to let me know that my brother Stefan and I needed to be there… and we are going to try and make it out there… more info for any of you up state New Yorkers at http://scorgies.blogspot.com/

South of Hideous by Forbidden Dimension


It’s that Halloween time of year and so of course there is a FD tune lodged in my brain and this time around it’s this one… all that distortion, all that stun and fuzz, the strut of it all… love it.

Thoughts, comments, spare change.


Stan The Man said...

Hey, Rochester connection backatcha... Added Jet Black Berries to my list. Funny how everyone in Rochester kinda sorta overlooked that phase of the band in their reminiscences. Of course, that version of the band wasn't really active too much after Kevin split. If you stop by Aunt Agatha's, tell Robin and Jamie that Stan the Man sez hi.

Iren said...

Sorry to be so late on getting back to you, thanks, I didn't mean to come off like a jerk or anything... all the best Eric